Dental implant average cost in Turkey

Dental implants are the best treatment method for replacing missing teeth in the field of dentistry, which is relatively expensive compared to other dental procedures.

According to statistics, the number of people who need a tooth replacement is very high, and it does not matter if you have lost a tooth or all of them, in any case, you need a successful method of tooth replacement such as dental implants.
And to get an implant, you have to pay a relatively high cost.
The cost you pay for dental implants includes surgery to implant the base of the implant, the abutment, and the crown of the implant. The type of metal and the material of the implant also have a huge impact on its final cost. The metals used to make implants are different.

Factors Determining the Price of Implant Treatment in Turkey

Many factors must be considered when determining the price of a dental implant.

Each year, dental implant prices are set by the Turkish Dental Association for private clinics, public hospitals, and private hospitals. Although planting prices do not include the prices of materials used, such as precious metals and zirconium, price sharing on the Internet is prohibited due to competitive conditions.

Careful examination is required to determine the price for the implant.
The following items are taken into consideration when determining an implant tooth price;
• Brand of the implant.
• Experience of the physician who will apply implant treatment.
• The patient’s mouth and teeth condition, jaw structure.
• How many implant treatments will be done?
• Payment method.

By making an online appointment on our site or by calling us, you can provide information about your current tooth loss situation after that we can give you a good price range for implant treatment in our clinic in Turkey.

Do not forget that since the implant treatment will be done once in your life, the expertise and experience of the dentist who will apply dental implant treatment is very important.

When it comes to your oral and dental health, making the right choice will prevent complications you will experience after implant treatment. Your good clinical selection provides an implant that you can use for a lifetime.

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