Dental Implant in Istanbul Turkey

The Safarn Estetik is a center for dental implant and dental treatments in Istanbul Turkey has already won the title of one of the best dental implant centers in Istanbul Turkey. The latest technology is installed here, the most modern treatment technologies are applied, and flexible payment terms are provided for the convenience of patients.

After the patient arrives at the Safaran health center in Istanbul Turkey, a consultation is carried out, the condition of the oral cavity is checked, a treatment plan is drawn up, all possible options and treatment options are explained, information is provided on the duration of treatment and prices.
Before the treatment, you will receive all the necessary information you need in written and oral form. A treatment plan contains the prices with no hidden costs will be prepared to you.
All our dentists who fit implants are qualified to offer implant treatment.
We want our patients to have confidence in the services we offer, that is why we offer a grantee of implant treatments to our patients, as well as other treatments such as fillings, root fillings, and other implant treatments.

Many patients who have chosen dental implants in Safarn dental center Istanbul turkey describe a quality of treatment that is much more comfortable and safer than that of people with bridges or removable dentures. Dental implants are the best combination of science and modern technology.

What are dental implants?

The implants are artificial substitutes for the titanium root of the tooth and are placed in the jaw with a small operation, where teeth are missing. When the implant is fully integrated into the jaw bone, a personalized stump is placed in it, thus being the basis for the prosthetic restoration of either single teeth, or extensive immobile prosthetic works – bridges, or complete dentures.

dental implant in Turkey

Their shape is conical or cylindrical with a thread, ie they look like a screw. They are made of high-quality pure titanium or titanium alloy with other metals that increase their strength. They are completely biocompatible with the tissues of the human body.
Dental implants are today the most modern and safest way of prosthetic restoration of dental defects in the oral cavity without the need for any surgery on adjacent teeth.
The implant can provide a solution to people who have lost one or more teeth, as well as to people who have lost all their teeth!

In all implant solutions the patient enjoys an excellent sensation in his mouth, as it was old when he had his natural teeth and while they were strong. It has a proper articulation during speech, it has perfect aesthetics and excellent functionality.

Implants are the longest and most comfortable solution, as long as the correct choice of case has been made.

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