Hair transplant turkey before and after

Nowadays all the phenomena of baldness and alopecia are treated with the most modern methods and advanced transplant techniques, bringing a final solution to the problem in a natural hair looks, painless and effective way, without any scars lifted after hair transplant.

The medical staff of the Safran Estetik Center has the knowledge and experience necessary to avoid any complications and problems most patinas have after hair implants.
Safran Estetik determines the appropriate treatment method for each patient, various diagnostic tools have used that record and evaluate the number, density, quality, and condition of the hair follicles (trichoscopy procedure).
Our clinic is dedicated not only to the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss but also to surgical rehabilitation in men and women.
We have done implants for a lot of patients who visited our clinic you can find below some pictures before and after hair implant treatment in Turkey.

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Is it worth getting a hair transplant in turkey?

Turkey is one of the first countries when it comes to hair transplants. There are incredible requests from European and Arab countries for hair transplants in Turkey.
In 2019, hair transplants in Turkey reached a monthly volume of about $ 1.5 billion. Hair transplantation is a procedure that requires cosmetic surgery and experience. With good teamwork, great results can be achieved.
Most of people have this question on mind whether they should prefer Turkey for hair lost treatments or not, it is really difficult from outside Turkey know everything about clinics and hospitals does such treatments. You need to do research before you visit and we provide free consultation in your own language.

What do Hair Transplant treatments guarantee?

• Stop hair loss and thinning
• Strengthening of hair follicles
• Enhancement of local blood circulation
• Hair growth
• Coverage of the problem area
Take the first step in treating hair loss! Book your first appointment with us we provide full consultation free of cost.

How many hairs can be transferred in one session?

The result of the Hair Transplant is evaluated in hair follicles and not in hairs as the hair follicles can be single hairs, double hairs, triple hairs or quadrupeds. The final number of hair follicles to be transferred is determined by the “quality” of the donor area (hair growth density) and the selected Transplant method. Up to 3000 hair follicles can be transferred per session, which translates to about 9000 hairs.

How many applications are required & on what factors does it depend?

The applications required are 1 or 2. The repetition of the procedure depends on the stage of alopecia and therefore the extent of the recipient area and the Transplant Method to be applied. If the method selected as optimal is FUE, the procedure can be repeated the next day, while if it is STRIP, the procedure is repeated in 1 year.

Who Performs a Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplantation must be performed by a Plastic Surgeon, as he is the only one trained for this type of surgery.
At Laser Touch, the Hair Transplant is performed by the specialized Plastic Surgeon Valvi Pantelis and his medical team, which consists exclusively of doctors specializing in Plastic Surgery, Anesthesiologists & specially trained nursing staff. Plastic Surgeon Valvis Pantelis is the one who places even the last hair follicle for a better natural result.

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