What care should be taken after a hair transplant?

Visual appearance with thinning hair makes most of us unhappy. Nowadays, hair transplant treatment is a glimmer of hope for baldness. There are issues to be considered after hair transplantation.

Within 48 hours following the hair transplant, we will tell you points to be considered about the transplanted area.

After the hair transplant, you can cover the treated area with a hat. In this case, it will sit on the head but not touch the transplantation area, a hard top cap/sports hat should be used, and the hair transplantation area should remain in the space under the hat. The most suitable is a hat with a hardtop and does not collapse.

12 things to consider after a hair transplant.

  1. Transplanted hair follicles while sleeping at night should not touch the head of the bed, duvet, or pillow and should not be damaged. For this, it is recommended to avoid using a hard and small pillow. You can lie on your back, on the nape of the neck.
  2. Sleeping prone is not recommended for two weeks as it increases the risk of the planting area to contact with the pillow or bed. Besides, clothes such as shirts, cardigans, and zippered sweaters should be wear for two weeks.
  3. Due to not damage the planting area, T-shirts and undershirts should not wear from the head area. In addition to that, there shouldn’t be any contact with the transplanted area for two weeks.
    Every possible contact may damage the transplanted hair follicle and may lose that hair follicle.
  4. Sports activities, Turkish baths, sauna, swimming, solarium, and all kinds of hairdressing services are prohibited for two weeks. It can damage the hair follicles and increase the risk of infection.
  5. Hair can be cut with scissors after 15 days, provided that it does not scrape. After 45 days, all kinds of hairdressing services can be obtained (such as shaving, painting, scraping, perm, and similar procedures).
  6. For two days, the area where the hair transplantation is applied should not be washed or touched with water. On the 2nd day, after 48 ​​hours of the operation first washing should be done.
  7. Hair washes done by your doctor or healthcare team.
  8. The important thing is to be gentle not to damage the hair follicles and hair while washing it.
  9. After washing, the hair transplantation area should never be used with a towel and a hairdryer to dry.
  10. If you are doing sports (football, basketball, taekwondo, kickbox, boxing, wrestling, etc.) that will hit the head area, you should start these activities after 45 days.
  11. You should not use aspirin in the first week after the operation. It is also not recommended to take blood thinners and herbal supplements such as ginseng, Ginko Biloba, vitamin E. After the hair transplant operation, it may take between 2.5 months and four months for your hair to begin to grow.
  12. You should not drink alcohol for a month. Reduce smoking as well. But it is forbidden to smoke the day after the operation or the day of operation.

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