Where is the best place in Turkey to get a hair transplant?

Istanbul is the top popular city for hair transplant treatment in Turkey. In the most recent years, a lot of foreigners have visited Istanbul Turkey just for hair transplant treatments. The vast majority of clinics in Istanbul offer hair transplant services, which finding a good clinic with high-quality service for the foreigner who is visiting for the first time is confusing.

Hair transplant in Istanbul TurkeyHair transplant in Istanbul Turkey

Here for before planning to visit Istanbul Turkey for hair transplant treatment do your full research contact one of the clinics and get a free consultation and after that plant your visit. During your hair transplant research, it is very easy to end up confused. With the procedures constantly updated and a multitude of clinics promising amazing results at low prices, you must be very careful to identify the option that suits you and not fall victim to fraud.

Safran Estetik is one of the best clinics in Istanbul Turkey that offers high-quality hair transplant service to international customers, we offer complete packages, including hotel, airfare, transportation, translators, and even meals, plus all the services of our clinic.

Before planning just contact us for a full free consultation in any language that you prefer to talk to.

The Results After the hair transplant is immediately visible?

The result of the Hair Transplant is a given. However, it takes about twelve months to complete and make it visible. This is due to the fact that the scalp goes through various stages immediately after the procedure is completed. Particularly:

  • On the first day: The implanted hair follicles are visible. It is worth noting that in the first weeks after the Hair Transplant, there is intense hair loss (hair loss), with the result that the initial result looks “poor”.
  • Three months later: The rebirth begins, that is, the result begins to appear slowly.
  • Six months later: There is a gradual improvement of the result. More specifically, most new hairs appear around the first half of the Hair Implantation, while gaining their maximum volume at 8-10 months.
  • Twelve months later: you can see a complete result.

Frequently asked questions before hair transplant.

Does Hair Transplant Affect Women?

Of course.  If you are a woman or a man you can get excellent with the best hair transplant treatment in our clinic in Istanbul Turkey.

What will the new hair look like after the transplant?

Let me tell you that new hair never falls out and retains the properties it had in its original position. Also, like the rest of your hair, you can do cutting, shampooing, and styling as you wish.

Is the hair transplant process painful?

The procedure of hair transplant is performed by our expert doctor and under local anesthesia which is completely painless.

How long does the operation take?

The usual duration is 3-9 hours.

When can I return to my daily activities after the transplant?

From the next day, you can return to your activities, always following the doctor’s instructions.

Are there any visible scars or scars after the hair transplant?

No.  by the ability of our specialized doctor which perform hair transplant without leaving any scars.

Is it possible to operate on a patient who has had a hair transplant before?

Yes, if there is still sufficient donor area.

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